Hobbies to boost your productivity 🏄🏻‍♀️

Oct 11, 2022

Do you spend the time that you’d like dedicated to your hobbies? Most likely, the answer will be no… They’re often one of the first things we throw out the window when life gets busy, but they shouldn’t be. We need to prioritize our hobbies just as much as we prioritize work, because hobbies — they increase our productivity and make us better people.

Let's dive into some hobbies that might boost your health and productivity…

1. Hiking 🥾

Love outdoors and being active? hiking is an amazing vehicle to reconnect with yourself while you disconnect from work and social network. Research shows that when you go hiking your creativity and problem-solving abilities will most likely increase.

Where to go… (of course, every place has good WiFi for remote work)

  • Brasov, Romania - Being surrounded by mountains, Brașov gives the chance to outdoor lovers to enjoy wild trails in just minutes, starting from the city center and heading towards high alpine peaks. The easiest hike you can do is to climb the Tâmpa Mountain in order to admire a breathtaking view over the old city.
  • Boulder, United States - Boulder has a special charm for hikers, especially during late spring and summer when the astonishing mighty mountains are covered with an outfit of colorful wildflowers. Amongst the trees you can still breath in the fresh cool air even when the temperature in other parts of the country has risen too hot.
  • Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver checks all of the boxes for nomads looking for day hikes where the city serves as a starting point. For a host of epic hikes in the Pacific Northwest, and thanks to a thriving food scene, it's the perfect city to recharge after a full day on the trail.

2. Surfing 🏄

Patience, bravery and cognitive sharpness are just a few benefits that surfing brings. Not only when you are waiting for the right wave to ride, it also reflects in other aspects of life. Surfing teaches us to enjoy the process and not only the final result, doing things with passion and taking the bull by the horns.

Where to go… (of course, every place has good WiFi for remote work)

  • Canary Islands, Spain - The autumn, winter and springtime bring powerful waves giving the islands their nickname of “The Hawaii of Europe”. The summertime means smaller, less consistent waves, stronger winds and very warm weather.
  • Canggu, Bali - Canggu is a famous beach town on the south-west coast of the island, just north of the busy resort area of Seminyak. Over recent years it has transformed into a hipster hub, and currently, Canggu is one of the most popular places for surfing in Bali.
    With its accessible waves suitable for beginners as well as pros, the surf can definitely get a bit crowded, but that only goes to show what a great place it is.
  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica - Santa Teresa is located on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful surf towns. The town’s long stretches of sandy beaches and lush jungle make it a popular spot for both surfers and travelers alike. And with its year-round warm water and consistent waves, it’s no wonder that Santa Teresa is often referred to as the “surf capital” of Costa Rica.

3. Running 🎽

Working through discomfort is one of the main learnings that running has. Additionally the positive impact that running has on your mind and body can’t be denied. So if you’re looking for an accessible, affordable, and comparably easy hobby, running may be your thing, mostly when traveling, with just the right outfit you are ready to go!

Where to go… (of course, every place has good WiFi for remote work)

  • Lisbon, Portugal - The city’s geography, weather, and history make it a great city for running. There’s a terrific 5-mile path along the Tagus (Tejo) River, going by important museums and landmarks. For hills, run the narrow streets and lanes of the Bairro Alto or Alfama neighborhoods, up to the Castle or one of the Miradouros (view points). Lisbon’s largest park, Monsanto which is now well connected to downtown via a recently completed ‘green corridor’.
  • Cape Town. South Africa - The city is famous for its harbor, natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region, beautiful landmarks such as Table Mountain, and superb beaches. Routes along Camps Bay, the Sea Point Promenade, and Lion’s Head are a great way to experience Cape Town’s unique geography.
  • San Francisco, United States - One of the world’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco has it all for runners: views, ocean, hills, paths, trails, good weather, variety, and accessibility. The highlight of San Francisco running is the trail from the Embarcadero, over Fort Mason, along with Crissy Field, and toward the Golden Gate Bridge. And for those who like hills, well…

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