Feeling lonely while living the digital nomad dream? đź« 

Sep 20, 2022

Every human being is vulnerable to experiencing anxiety, depression, OCD or any mental health issue and it is perfectly normal. The location-independent lifestyle has amazing perks, but it also comes with the huge responsibility to take care of yourself in a dynamic environment.

Pre-existing conditions.

Beginning a DN life may seem like the perfect solution for a fresh start - as if every issue would disappear -. However, working and traveling are no cure for loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Having said that, let’s dive into one of the most common mental health issues faced by DNs and some hints to minimize the collateral impact of this amazing lifestyle when it comes to loneliness.


Being surrounded by people is no guarantee that you will avoid loneliness, there are several factors that may contribute to feeling lonely: personality, language, culture, travel pace, timezones, type of work, and more.

On the other side, emotions are universal and create connections among human beings.

  • Find communities and spaces where DNs get together (even virtually). This way, you will find yourself among people that most likely have felt the way you do, and will empathize with the loneliness feeling you may be experiencing.
  • Stay close with your loved ones. Even if you are countries apart, being close has less to do with physical space and more with sharing.
  • Remain longer in each destiny - “Slowmading” -, this may help to generate deeper human connections with people you meet and immerse with local culture.
  • Try to meet people wherever you go and genuinely get interested in their lives, be curious to learn from their experiences, empathize with them and look up from your screen.
  • Adjust your work routine to leave space for habits that are good for you; exercise, eating healthy, enough quality sleep, meditation, socialization… Sometimes you may feel fed up by work and travel, but creating self care routines (even when traveling) is fundamental to the success of the lifestyle you’ve chosen.

In every case, be true with yourself and with your feelings, DNs tend to be VERY self-judgmental. Traveling while making a living doesn’t immunize anyone from loneliness, sadness, anxiety, or any other feeling. It may even exacerbate them, due to the dynamic environment.

There are organizations and experts focused on mental health (regardless of the location), please don’t hesitate to reach out when you need:

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